Island on the Edge (2007)

island-on-the-edge-cover-smLess than 10% of Vancouver Island’s food is grown locally. This film investigates what might happen if the Island’s links to the mainland (ferry and air) were disrupted. How long could Islanders be self-sustaining? What kinds of measures should residents adopt to enhance local agriculture?

The film examines the history of food production on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. It asks, what would happen to our food supply if we were suddenly cut off from the rest of the world?

The film chronicles the efforts of several crusaders in the field of food production in our region and documents how people can get involved with supporting the local food movement.

We return to the archives going back twenty-five years to listen to what our government, and our farmers predicted the future of farming would be. The story features people who are making a difference with innovative ideas and action they are taking to create a more sustainable food system.

Some of the comments we received from our audience:

“My congratulations on an outstanding event – from the exquisitely prepared slow food, to the high calibre film, it was an excellent evening.”

“What a great evening – bravo! And I loved the film.”
– Whitney Laughlin

“Could we include your film in the World Community Film Festival? We showed the DVD to the other members of the committee and they were as delighted as we were with the film.”
– Janet Fairbanks

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