Food Security – It’s In Your Hands (2011)


For the past 30 years DV Cuisine has been producing documentaries for television and corporate clients. Today we have ventured in a new direction towards culinary and food security programs. 

Our first documentary on Food Security, titled “Island on the Edge” was such a success that people asked us for a follow up and we are happy to announce that our second documentary, titled “Food Security – It’s In Your Hands”, premiered to a SOLD OUT audience at Cineplex Odeon Theatre at the Victoria Film Festival on February 5.

In this new documentary, film producer Nick Versteeg asks the following questions:

  • “Can we feed the world the way we farm today?” 
  •  “What is happening to our bees?” 
  •  “The importance of soil” 
  •  “How can we get people into farming”

These questions will be answered inside his own story on growing food on his hobby farm “The Laughing Geese” in Glenora on Vancouver Island. He shows an entire year of growing vegetables and how he learned from local farmers.

Nick interviews experts in the field on Soil and Bees and a farmer, who changed his large conventional farm into an organic farm. Nick Versteeg also traveled to Malawi (Africa) one of the poorest countries in the world where he experienced another side of farming and agriculture.

Just like his documentary “Island on the Edge”, Nick plans to take his documentary around the province and beyond to be shown at town-hall meetings where he hopes to create a frank discussion on Food Security and how we can improve the way we think about farming and food.