The Story of Our Documentary Part 9: Why do we create these kinds of documentaries?

First of all we believe in the cause of Food Security and we also feel that it’s necessary to show our viewers what the issues are. It is always a challenge to get these issues on television as certain points of view might not necessarily be seen as important enough or cannot be shown in case one of their sponsors might not like to hear it.

It has become my passion to try to bring these stories to a public who have shown a lot of interest in these topics, but I can tell you out of experience that the packed town hall evenings that we had with Island on the Edge were more powerful than TV. The remote is a producer’s biggest enemy. One click and you can watch another program. In our evenings, people get engaged and at the end of the documentary there will be time allotted for questions and answers. Most of the time we try to have a panel of experts in the field to discussing and giving answers.

The second reason for me doing this is that I am afraid we have reached a phase in our lives were a lot of people have become complacent about our food. They say: “ Why these worries? We have enough food! It’s a false kind of belief. Yes we can get most of the food in our stores, but where did it come from? Is it healthy for us, or our children and grandchildren?

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