Travelling to Vietnam and Cambodia

Travelling to Vietnam and Cambodia

During our recent and adventurous travels to Vietnam and Cambodia we were fortunate to visit the Angkor Hospital for Children in Siem Reap and have a tour of the facility. We were so impressed with the hospital that we like to share their story.

It started with a photograph.

Renowned Japanese photographer Kenro Izu first visited Cambodia in 1993 to photograph the magnificent Angkor Temples. Cambodia was struggling to emerge from the brutal Khmer Rouge regime, and Kenro was deeply touched by the resilient children he met during his trip. Kenro realized he could not leave Cambodia without doing something for these impoverished children he had seen and captured from behind the lens. He founded a non-profit organization called Friends Without a Border (FWAB) and with the help of the international art community, health care professionals and more than 6,000 supporters from around the world, Angkor Hospital for Children opened its gates in 1999. Kenro founded Angkor Hospital for Children on the principle of building a hospital for Cambodian children, run by Cambodians. Today, 98% of Angkor Hospital for Children 500+ staff are Cambodian. Their medical team is made up of 80 doctors, 240 nursing staff and 100 other medical staff members. Their non-medical staff, including Development, Management and Logistics, has 137 employees and 130 support staff members.

It is their goal to improve healthcare for all Cambodian children by creating a sustainable, replicable model of a healthcare institution that provides high quality, compassionate care.

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