End of May News

Nourish Cowichan Breakfast Program. I was happy to donated my time to create this short promo for Nourish Cowichan’s bid to become the recipient of the $50,000 SimpleGenerosity grant from Island Savings. I was surprised and shocked when Fatima Da Silva, chef at Vinoteca at Zanata Winery told me that approximately 500 hundred children in the Cowichan Valley don’t get breakfast in the morning. With the help of a group of volunteers she is providing breakfast for a variety of schools in her small kitchen at Vinoteca. With this grant they hope to build a permanent production kitchen to make breakfast […]

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My days with Dr. Bishnu Pandey, a world expert in reconstruction after earthquakes

Dr. Bishnu Pandey, born in Nepal, is a teacher in structural engineering at BCIT in Vancouver and a world expert in reconstruction. He has been to forty different countries affected by earthquakes over the last ten years. In 2005 he was in Pakistan after a 7.6 earthquake that killed more then 80.000 people. I contacted BCIT a few months ago and heard that Bishnu and his engineering team were still working on reconstruction projects in Nepal so I contacted him. We set up an interview with Bishnu at the Institute for Earthquakes in Kathmandu and traveled a few days with […]

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The road less traveled!!!

  After a few days rest in Kathmandu we travelled with Rob Tournour, owner of the masonry company in Victoria. Rob started an organization called “Another Brick For Nepal”. (see picture). His goal is to build schools throughout Nepal. To visit his first project we had to travel over a 1200-meter mountain pass, with steep cliffs (no site railings!!) and limited sections of road for about hundred meters and then huge broken portions. Although flying to and from Lukla is a challenge, I start to believe that driving on the roads here is much worse. We had a major storm […]

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Back in Kathmandu

I have arrived back in Kathmandu after a harrowing flight from Lukla. We were delayed by 7 hours but that is nothing compared to some delays that can take a few days. However we hit the tail of a major storm; the plane was bouncing up and down and the flight took twice as long. I must confess I was quite happy when we landed safely in Kathmandu! I have always been curious to find out what actually happens the first day(s) when an earthquake hits and who will be in charge. On April 25, 2015 it was Colonel Sanu […]

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