Back in Kathmandu

I have arrived back in Kathmandu after a harrowing flight from Lukla. We were delayed by 7 hours but that is nothing compared to some delays that can take a few days. However we hit the tail of a major storm; the plane was bouncing up and down and the flight took twice as long. I must confess I was quite happy when we landed safely in Kathmandu! I have always been curious to find out what actually happens the first day(s) when an earthquake hits and who will be in charge. On April 25, 2015 it was Colonel Sanu […]

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Back on “trek” to Lukla

It has been an amazing and rewarding experience to not only witnessing the rebuilding of the villages but also to enjoy the beauty of the Khumbu valley. It’s fascinating to see hundreds of donkeys and cows coming up with bags of cement and boys with re-bar, plywood and other building materials on their backs. At one time we had a complete traffic jam with donkeys, yaks, cows and yes…. trekkers. Trekking is not for the faint of heart. We crossed the top bridge (see picture) on our way to Namche. These two bridges were featured in the opening of the […]

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Nepal continued – leaving Khumjung

When we left Khumjung this morning it was dejavu all over again. It had snowed during the night and the trek out of Khumjung was totally magical. Then an 18 km trek to Tame, which doesn’t sound a lot, but in the mountains this is a six- hour trek. I have to admit that I was exhausted when we reached Tame. We passed people with re-bar, cement, and large pieces of plywood on their backs, carrying these materials all the way from Namche. We met with more children, who were immensely grateful and happy to get more of our donated […]

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Arrival in Khumjung

After two full days of trekking through the mountains and a steep two-hour climb to Namche we arrived in Khumjung. Once again we were grateful that the plane from Lukla arrived safely. The treks are quite challenging, lots of climbing in high altitude and stopping every ten minutes to catch your breath. We arrived at lunchtime at the lodge in Namche were we were when the earthquake struck. This was quite an emotional experience for me. The owner and her daughter recognized me immediately and needless to say we were in full embrace remembering what happened two years ago at […]

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Back in Nepal 2017

I am back in Nepal. When I left after the devastating earthquake two years ago, which happened on April 25, 2015, I promised I would be coming back to make a documentary on the rebuilding of Kathmandu, Khumjung and Khunde in the Himalayas. I am quite amazed to see the work that still has to be done. Today we visited Bhaktapur, where I was a week before the earthquake hit. It was one of the cities hardest hit with lots of damage. My guide Bibi, who was my guide then and who will be with me now for the next […]

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