At DV Media we have produced programs for A&E, Discovery Channel, The History Channel, TLC, CBC and CTV. These documentaries covered a large range of subjects. For example: “The Bikini Atoll” where atomic bombs were tested in 1946, “The Legacy of Truk Lagoon” considered the Pearl Harbour of the Japanese, “The Maya Pompeii”, a documentary on the history of this ancient civilization and more recently, “Resilience” a story on the Cowichan watershed, “71 years, the Loss and Discovery of Avro Anson L7056” an historical documentary on the small war plane that was lost in 1942 and found in October 2013 on Vancouver Island, “One Man’s Dream, the history of the Malahat Highway” a more humorous documentary on the history of the infamous Malahat Hwy on Vancouver Island. 

After producer Nick Versteeg was in the middle of the Earthquake in Nepal in 2015, he produced “ Five Weeks in Nepal” the documentary follows Dentist Jeff Phillips to Khumjung a small village in the Himalayas and trekked to the Everest Base camp when on their return they just escaped with their lives. And the award winning feature on Cowichan, titled “Once Upon A Day – Cowichan”, that has now been seen by over 200,000 viewers on Youtube and Vimeo in over 90 countries in the world. 

We are open for new ideas so please contact us if you have a worthwhile story or idea.

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